Thursday, August 02, 2007

10 Finger Typing... sort of

So the stitches came out today and the big post-op cast came off. It was quickly replaced with a fancy molded thermoplastic model which is far warmer since it's not breathable at all. The good news is though that I can take it off and actually have to to do hand exercises. I figure a bit of typing is a good enough exercise to get the fingers working so here ya go...

I don't have xray pictures of the screws yet, but I do have to say it's pretty cool. 2 screws in one side of the bone and one in from the other side. It turns out he wanted to do a plate, but the fracture was so long that it would have been most of the length of my hand and would have needed to be removed later. The screws only meant that I had to wait extra time to start using it, but oh well. Here's a lovely picture of what's left of the entry wound:

Yes that's my son's Batman place mat as a backdrop :)

On top of doing a fine job of putting the bone back together, looks like whoever pulled the suture straw in the OR that day did a nice job too. It was kinda creepy when the cast came off. I stared at my finger and tried to get it to bend at the bottom knuckle and it just wasn't going to have any of the that. Amazing how quickly everything stiffens up and you lose all muscle control.

My plan had been to get back out running tonight or on the trainer. Unfortunately I forgot that my wife had soccer playoffs tonight so by the time I got the boys in bed and remembered that it's about 87 in the house (no A/C), I figured it'll have to be one more day. I'll be indoors initially on the bike, but will try to get out soon. I think the new splint will allow it and I hope to shed that in two weeks.

Hmmm... what else is going on... New car is great. Basically doubled my gas mileage, lowered my payments by $100, and got something shiny all at once... woo hoo! A smaller car for me just made sense because I was sucking up so much gas and 9 out of 10 days, it was just me in the car. Waiting for the Q-clips for the Yakima roof rack to come via UPS and then the car will be race ready. Now if only I was :( Oh well... that'll come back soon.

Middle one had to have day surgery Monday. Nothing major, but it was general anesthesia, stitches, etc so it was kind of a big deal. I just wish I was 5 again... about 5 hours after he came out of surgery he was bored and wanted to go play. Within about 48 hours, he was running around and we were trying to slow him down so he didn't pop a stitch or something. I guess I shouldn't complain since I felt better pretty quick too, but he'll be fully healed in about half the time I will.

Ok, I think enough of the typing exercise for tonight especially since now I'm just rambling. Have a great weekend everyone.


gewilli said...

man - if only the stitches on my sack were that clean and neat...

but then i guess since only my wife is the one who's "potentially" gonna see it, what does it matter ;)

oh and central A/C is AWESOME

trackrich said...

Let's hope for you that's a strong potential :)

We have window A/C and carrying those bastards with one hand just wasn't happening. I think my wife is about to do it herself.