Friday, August 17, 2007

Spoiled or Lucky?

Over the past couple of years, the oldest 2 had gotten bikes for birthdays or Xmas or whenever it was. One was purchased at Walmart and one at Target so we're not talking anything special here. Why go and blow a ton of money on the first bike they get that they will a) definitely grow out of quickly, and b) probably crash and generally beat on a lot? As of this summer, neither could ride without training wheels yet and for that matter, weren't all that stable with them. We partially felt guilty for not working with them more and partially were frustrated because both seemed unwilling to work on it. Still we persisted and kept working with them more. At one point, I made the promise to them both that when they learned to ride without the training wheels and showed me that they really wanted to be out riding their bikes, that I would take them to the shop and they could pick out a new "big kid" bike. Well as I noted, the older one is out there about every night now so last night he collected:

On one hand, I'm disgusted to have spent so much on a mountain bike for a 6 year old. On the other hand he loves it, seems to genuinely appreciate that we bought it for him, and seems to comprehend how much it was and therefore that he has to take care of it. It certainly helps him that I'm a sucker for a shiny new bike and I'm completely enamored by the fact that every single night he's asking if he can go out after dinner and ride his bike. Remember those days kids... when it was all about just being able to go out after dinner and tear up and down the street (and across the yard, and the neighbors yard, and over curbs, and...) because it's fun? He may have gotten spoiled, but who cares.

Oh, and now he's all set for cross season too :)

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