Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So much for easing into things

I have said all year that in August I'd turn back into a runner for a while so that RTB didn't suck ass. I sort of assumed when I said that that I'd be in some sort of shape when August started. Well that ended up not being the case so much. Despite my unexplainable 5:16 mile last month, I have run very little this summer and it hit me this week that I've got about 5 weeks until the race. So in preparation, I've run the past 4 days. Hey, once a week at best to 4 straight days can't be that hard huh? Let's just say tomorrow will be a needed off-day. Oh, did I mention I'm planning to run 11 on Sunday with the tri guys? Yah... I think it's been a year since I ran that far... and these guys train year round for ironmans... should be a party.


JSmith5780 said...

Need your opinion. When faced with riding on a narrow twisting two lane road (speed limit 40) or riding on the bike path that runs along side it, which do you use?

I encounter this daily. As a driver this makes me crazy. The road is hilly and twisty so it's hard to get past the rider and have a clear view of oncoming traffic. I could understand the biker using the road if the bike path were constantly full of walkers or in bad shape, but it's not either. Am I wrong for being annoyed? I know bikers have every right to share the road and gnerally I agree. But I think it should be situational. Thoughts? feel free to just email me a reply.

trackrich said...

In general, I'd say if there's a bike path you gotta use it. That said, depending on the rider and what they were doing, I can see a case for not being on the path. Bike paths tend to be full of walkers, joggers, runners, and recreational bikers. If a bike racer is out for a fast ride, it's unsafe for them to be on the bike path to do so. In that case, if they can safely use the road, I think it's justified. Without knowing the laws for the area, I'd guess though that the cops would tell them they have to be on the path since it's available. Personally, I do whatever is safest for me which is entirely situational.

JSmith5780 said...

Thanks Rich- the path is usually pretty empty through this area and is recently re-paved. In NY we too have to share the roadways, but I get frustrated on this strecth because the path is RIGHT THERE. I also frak about head on collisions since the line of sight is very short and the lanes really narrow. I find it impossible to pass a bike without crossing the center line.
Thanks for your input and glad your hand is healing!