Monday, August 13, 2007

Jam packed weekend

Phew... nice to be at work to catch my breath :) We had a busy one this weekend, but most of it was pretty good stuff. Saturday I got sucked in by the MA govt's reprieve on sales tax and ordered most of the parts for the cross bike and then went and bought all the subfloor material for the basement finishing project (the new house project that will never end). I had to buy 90 2'x2' panels which meant I had to rent the Home Depot cargo van to get it home which meant I had to bust my ass to unload it since I had a time limit to get it back. Fortunately, I put the boys to work and got more evidence that the middle one has some work ethic. The big one walked off the job when his aunt stopped by, but the other one kept plugging away. He was paid accordingly and the older one was told he was paid less since he walked out early. Amazingly, I didn't get the "That's not fair" routine. Maybe he's figuring out what fair means finally :)

Mid afternoon I actually got to ride my bike. I finally said F it and I was going to find a way to make it work with the splint. Turns out that it's not completely in the way and I think I can make a minor alteration to make it work well. It was just a short and easy ride, but it was riding. I also threw in about a 2.5 mile run afterwards to make up for taking Thursday and Friday off.

After the workout, the family headed to the Hudson Hot Air Balloon Festival. They started this up last year as a fundraiser and it was a pretty good time. Watching the process of setting those bad boys up was pretty cool and I got to try and explain the science of it to the boys... ok, before I go on trying to act smart, heating up air ain't all that complex, but it's still magic to them :) We all took off from that a little early and then me and the older two went to catch the Simpsons movie. I thought it was well done and there were more than enough references that I was roaring about that the kids didn't get.

Yesterday I got out for 9.5 with the tri guys (yes it was supposed to be 11) and didn't drop dead so that's a good sign. We had a couple miles of nonsense in the middle of it, but otherwise it was pretty slow and easy. I felt it, but no more than you'd expect from running the furthest you have in almost a year. Later in the day was my Gram's 80th b-day party. If I counted correctly, 13 of her 15 kids (4 are stepkids) were there so it was quite the event. 2 of them are from way out of state and one of my uncles I hadn't seen in about 5 years so it was great to have the whole clan there. My grandfather (I think he's 81 now) even had enough beers to take an at bat in the wiffle ball game so that was great fun. I lobbed him a meatball and he got a grounder out of it :) Oh, and I got taken way deep by my cousin who's like 12, but we won't talk about that.

Ok, goof off time over. Stupid work.

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