Thursday, August 30, 2007

Committed or Should be Committed?

This has been another insane week in the life of the tall guy who crashes a lot. I know I bring a lot of this shit on myself, but I still reserve the right to whine about it :)

Sunday I got up early and got out for a ride before the real nasty soupy weather set in. I got to swing by and laugh at the tri guys who were heading out for 15-18 miles in that slop. There was no way on earth I was signing up for that. After that the rest of the day was prep for the golf tournament and other chaos.

Monday shortly after my post I got a call that my wife had gotten called by the summer camp that the oldest jammed his finger playing hoops (let's hope he sucks less than the old man) and they thought he needed x-rays. So she runs off to get him, brings him to the ER, and while she's sitting there with him waiting, she gets a call from the daycare that the middle one is sick. She reminded them that I'm an hour away and said she was in the ER so we'd get there when we could. I went to relieve her at the ER, she got the other ones, and eventually we met at home. After some quick dinner I was commenting that I was still nervous about the tournament and felt like I needed more practice. My wife being the superhero she is tells me to get out of there and go hit the range. I asked if she wanted help getting them ready for bed and she just shooed me out... Yet another reminder that the whole I do thing was a good choice with her :) Hit the range and felt like a badass being the last one there hitting balls until it was almost dark. Fortunately I worked my shit out and sort of remembered what I was doing. Left there, went straight home, changed clothes, and headed out for a 5 mile run because I clearly hadn't done enough that day.

Tuesday's tournament was crazy and lots of fun. I had to be there at 6:30 to work sign in and set up. We headed out at 8. The group in front of mine was just stupid slow so it took us almost 6 hours and 45 minutes to play 18 (WTF?). Good news was that we put up a 2-under and finished tied for 6th. Unfortunately by the time I got back in, the other director was in a panic because most people were back and all the prizes were locked in my car. Got that worked out and finally left the clubhouse at 4. By then I was totally worn out, but we had to take the middle one to dinner for his b-day (his choice) so no rest yet. By the time we got home from there, I was ready for bed so no running.

Yesterday to repent for no training Tuesday, I got the great idea that I'd get up at 4:45, ride the trainer for 45 to an hour and then run at lunch. Somehow I actually got up and headed out to the garage, but I was in a total coma for the first 20 minutes or more. There was nothing stellar about the session, but I was out there so oh well. I also stuck to the plan and hit the Chalz Rivah for 4+ miles at lunch in the heat. You might think last night was another good night to just pack it in early and go to bed, but we had planned dinner with some friends last night so we headed there right after work and got home around 9:30. The good news is that I was so tired that I didn't have to watch the end of the freaking Sox game.

Believe it or not, we have NOTHING planned for the 3 days this weekend (unless you count an oil change for the car). Something tells me though that I'll find something to do...

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