Monday, August 13, 2007

Like father, like son

The oldest had his first "at speed" bike crash tonight. When he was learning to ride, he was very very timid and was terribly afraid of falling down. The day he learned to ride it was like a switch turned on and he just got it. He then instantly turned into Robbie Kneival in the span of about 2 days and is tearing around trying to make hairpin turns without slowing down at all. Tonight I could see he was getting a little ahead of himself, but I just let him go and reminded him to slow up before trying to turn. He started racing his brother who was running and had once incident where he carried too much speed into a 180 and rode up a high grass curb (we don't have real curbs out here in the sticks) and almost launched himself. Next time he was flying again and was determined that he was going to make it so he leaned it a bit too far and caught the dirt/mud right at the base of the same grass section and slid out. Few scrapes on the knee and elbow, but he took it VERY well. The biggest change I've seen in him recently is that he's gone from the screaming meltdown at the first sight of blood to more of the rub some dirt on it mentality. He went down hard and took it well... I know at one point while I was cleaning him up he even said "Man, that was sick!" The summer camp has a skateboard camp going on this week so "Sick!" is his new word :)

Time for bed....

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