Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday post

No clever titles today... I think I'm out of clever for the day.

Crazy busy weekend. RTB team meeting and training session Friday night so that made me feel like Saturday was Sunday. In the span of 5 hours at the gathering I ran about 12 miles, ate 1.5 servings of dinner, drank about 3 liters of water/gatorade, drank 2 beers and 1 mudslide concoction, and watched both the Pats and the Red Sox.

Saturday was a 5th b-day party for the middle one complete with gigantic bouncy moonwalk thing. I think I irritated my achilles jumping on it. Further proof that I'm getting old. I think my kids did about 2 hours in that thing. I was in it for a total of 10 minutes and I'm sore. The heat would have killed us if it weren't for the pool.

Yesterday was lots of general running around, but not before I actually went on a bike ride... and didn't crash. Amazing I know, but it's true. The SS did get sold yesterday too. The hooks are now bare waiting for the new rig and in that department I'll just say that hopefully very soon there will be news and pictures to back it up.

Company golf tournament tomorrow. Weather looks great and the course is swanky. I'll be happy when it's over since I helped organized and it's a lot of f'ing work. I went to the range yesterday to see if my hand would tolerate golf. It does, but the time off caused me to forget how to swing a club. This could be interesting.

Back to work. Maybe more later.

Oh, and check out Super Mom's page for funny pics of the kids and party if you're interested.

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