Friday, August 31, 2007

Nature is cool

I sat down at my desk for lunch and noticed out the window there was a hawk sitting on the roof across the courtyard. Hey wait, is he holding something? Holy crap, he's eating something. Some poor bird or rat or something was just dismantled over there which I'm sure was fun for the landscapers down below who were getting the skin/fur/feathers rained down on them. Oh well... hope it was tasty fella.

A lot, but not much planned for the weekend. As expected, it looks like I'll be busy, but the only major event is my wife going skydiving tomorrow. She sent me for my 30th a few years back and has wanted to do it since. She talked a friend into going tomorrow. Should be fun. Otherwise it's a bunch of here and there stuff. I should be able to get a long ride and a long run in so that could be cool.

Enjoy the break folks.

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