Friday, June 22, 2007

Running is good

So it's now fair to call the torn groin/leg thing healed. 2 nights in a row of running and no problems (other than being out of practice). For those who don't know, I spent most of 18 years running fairly competitively with moderate local-level success. It's been quite a while since I toed the line, but it's been so long now that it really is second nature. Last night is a good example... 4th run since completely tearing something in my groin, 4 very hilly miles at 7 minute pace. Granted I was pushing at the end to beat the thunder storm, but still. I had said all along that this summer I would cut way back on biking in August to get ready for RTB and I probably still will, but I may also start my training a little earlier by throwing in 2 days a week of running between now and then. Even though I decided at one point that biking would be more sustainable than running because it's lower impact, there's a lot of times that I agree with Kerry and think that running is easier.

Anywho... enough pissing and moaning. Could be kind of a crazy weekend. My wife has an all day soccer tournament tomorrow so I'm chasing the monkeys. I have to find something the 4 of us can do to keep them entertained. It'll be easier in a couple years when the littlest can be more easily included, but there's some things now where he just needs to be contained and thrown in a stroller or something. A 6.5 year old and a 2 year old can't quite do the same stuff sometimes so that's always a challenge. Sunday is up in the air so we'll see.

Enjoy the weekend folks.

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