Monday, June 25, 2007

Back on the horse

So last week I was genuinely disinterested in riding any of my bikes. I thought for a brief time about driving to VT yesterday to do the Root 66 race, but it was only in passing. My body didn't feel up to crashing again and my brain hasn't recovered yet from being sure that I'm going to every time I get into a pack. Saturday I took my mountain bike out for like 45-60 minutes and mostly just tooled around. Wasn't really going anywhere, but needed a short stint of exercise. Yesterday I legitimately went for a ride and it wasn't so bad. It was still only an hour, but the speeds are still up in the 20 range and I'm not really pushing. Today I had to leave my car in Natick and ride in from there which is about an hour. A couple times during the ride I was just enjoying being outside on a bike and making motor noises going around corners. I think I need a while more of that kind of fun and fortunately the calendar is pretty empty for the next few weeks. I have a fear that it's going to take some effort to line up again, but I need to. Multiple reports of sketchiness from the weekend do not have me feeling better so we'll see. I've got multiple days of riding in this week since we've only got 1 car for the week so at least I'll be getting the workouts in. There's still cross to be ready for.

I actually got a chance to do something manual and productive this weekend so that made me feel a whole lot better. We've been talking for at least a couple years about finishing the basement properly (it was really poorly done when we moved in and had to be gutted) to use as a play room and some extra space. After spending a year to do the bathroom, the thing holding me up from starting on the room was primarily cleaning. Saturday I managed to take a truckload and a 1.5 contractor bags of crap out of there and clean up what was left. That went quick enough that I was then able to do one of the first things on the project list which was finish off the giant storage closets I started building years ago. The upper level has been done forever, but the lower level was never properly framed or anything (yes it sounds backwards... long story). I managed to get the wood subfloor down in that part of the room and then go through and properly frame the supports and lower level of cabinets. It's about 16' long so I even have a dedicated Yakima roof box storage cabinet with room for other cabinets. Now that I can see progress being made, hopefully I can keep the motivation up.

Back to work... that is if I can find some motivation to do any...

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