Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting there... again

I knew after my latest date with the pavement that it wasn't as bad this time and it seems that I was right. I've gotten to the point of only mild stinging in the shower and only if I'm in there too long. My cut on my elbow has also gradutated from triple-layer non-stick pads and tape to giant band aids (my wife is thrilled because I can manage a big bandaid with one hand solo). I wish the internals of my elbow were progressing as well so that's kind of a big TBD right now. I think the proper diagnosis is "repeatedly banging the shit out of it". I made it through mowing the lawn the last couple nights, but realized that any amount of jarring of that arm isn't so good. Kinda rules out mountain biking and biking on crappy pavement, but I'll probably test it tonight or tomorrow anyways. Haven't biked this week at all (partially due to pain and partially due to temporary lack of interest). I did run last night and it was the first run since the big accident where the groin/leg felt normal. That was a good sign so at least I know I can run for a while to keep the ice cream and beer from setting in too much.

Not much more going on at this point. I'm pulling out of both races this weekend so I'll have to come up with something to do. Maybe I'll finally get started on the next house project (basement cleaning so we can start the room). Might see if the elbow is healthy enough for a round of golf, but I'm not optimistic. Van goes in for repairs next week so I signed up for Zipcar to help get us through the 4 or 5 days they have it (still don't understand why it takes more than 4 hours to just replace the freaking rear gate). Combo of biking in and the short term rent-a-car service should work nice.

Time to be productive (and get more coffee)...

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