Friday, June 08, 2007


No not like We've got the funk... more like in a funk. After having a pretty good week all around last week, this week has just been weird. From a training standpoint:

Sunday - race
Monday - walk around a golf course in the rain for an hour
Tuesday - nuthin (time constraints)
Wednesday - rode to work
Thursday - 90 minutes in the morning
Today - running
Tomorrow - TBD

On top of it the legs have just felt like crap the couple times I did ride. The wind on the way home Wednesday didn't help at all, but it's still just been bad. Options for tomorrow are driving to CT to do 2 races at the Nutmeg crit or a 3 hour ride to the mountain. Not sure yet... need to decide. Yesterday didn't help my mental state at all either because we had my son's kindergarten "graduation" in the morning so I got in late and worked late. The biggest thing that sucks about working late is that it doesn't mean you can go in late the next morning. It just means your non-working time gets condensed to the point of basically having dinner and going to bed.

Funk can also refer to funky (or maybe it's funny) events of this week. Since my wife started telling people this story herself, I can avoid divorce if I share... Tuesday night I get home from work and the guys are there putting the new liner in the pool. They have one side of the driveway blocked so I park the Explorer behind the minivan (don't start on me about the gas suckage of my cars... that's a whole different rant/conversation). Wednesday morning I go out to hop on the bike and saw that I never moved the truck. I was going to go back in and get the keys, but I got lazy so I figured it would only take her 2 seconds to move it out of the way. When the fam came out to head to school/daycare, she looked at it and said to herself "I'll just get the baby buckled in and then move it". Well as proof of how distracting 3 little boys can be, in the span of buckling in the baby, she forgot that it was there, got in the driver's seat, started it up, and put it in reverse. Now the truck was close enough that by the time she started rolling and looked in the mirror, she was already hearing crunching. Despite the slow speed and the lack of runway however the rear liftgate is pretty well trashed. There was a license plate holder on the front bumper of the truck and there is now a nice deep impression of said holder in the rear gate. The wrinkles also cascaded across the gate because it had to move from somewhere. I tried to take pics last night, but it was too dark. I'll post those later. Fortunately for both of us, my attitude about it has been "Shit happens". She's being hard enough on herself and is somewhere between amused and wanting to cry that she did $2k of damage to our car, in the driveway, by hitting our other car.

I may be going dark for most of next week... my wife is heading to Austin for a conference so I've got daddy duty on top of work and maybe riding on the trainer for a grand total of an hour. I should have lots of rambling to do after all that...

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