Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just because

That's right, this is a post for the sake of posting. I hate to keep both people who read this wondering where I've gone so I figured I'd throw something on here. The geniuses at the body shop managed to beat their estimated repair time on the minivan by 2 days... aim low, shoot high. It worked out for the best since it saved me from paying for another rental today so I could pick the boys up. Wife has a 6 o'clock game so I get pickup and dinner duty. The pool has gotten heavy use this week, but probably none tonight. My wife is the ex-lifeguard part-fish in the family so she's good with bringing all 3 of them in the pool alone. The older two are getting more confident in the water so it's ok. I, on the other hand, am a paranoid mess with the kids around the water so I don't think I could hack it. We'll see if it's ridiculously hot still and I change my mind.

Rode with a teammate out of work using a different route yesterday since I was headed to Natick to get my car. Commuting down Beacon St all the way from Boston out through Wellesley sure keeps the reflexes sharp. My favorite was how many people pull the "Oooh look, a parking spot" and jack the brakes on or pull right in without regard to what cars, bikes, small furry animals, or people might be around them. Hey, parking ain't free around the city so I guess a few cyclists is a fair price for a spot right in front of your favorite Starschmucks location. Anywho... it was fun commuting with someone for a change and the heat was very bearable.

Time for more of that work stuff...

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