Thursday, May 24, 2007

Recipe for recovery

How to come back from what seems like a severe injury:

1. Rest - check
2. Easy short trainer rides - check
3. Easy short outdoor rides - check
4. Less easy, longer outdoor rides - check
5. Short harder efforts outside - check
6. Hard efforts off-road - check
7. Multiple days of honest efforts - in progress
8. Racing - TBD

So I'm almost there. Bouncing around on the dirt and rocks went pretty good last night. Put in some almost race-like efforts a few times with no issues. Tonight I ride home from work, tomorrow I ride back in. Other than that, there'll just be jumping into a race and seeing if I've turned into a pansy. I think I'll just be planning to sit in the first race and will be backing off if things get even a little hairy.

Back to work. Enjoy the sunshine everyone.

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