Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Every Bandage Counts

That's right folks... as a sequel to the amazing non-seller It's Not About the Road Rash, we have the heart wrenching story of one man's quest to escape the clutches of paper tape and non-stick bandages and his loving wife's dreams of not being woken up at 5:30 every day to bandage his ass.

I think tomorrow may be a bandage free day. I'm down to one on what was clearly the worst spot and I think even that has made it far enough finally. Add to that my first comeback trainer ride (is it a comeback if you were only down two weeks?) last night and I think this crash story may be coming to an end. That is until the next race I get in and I pansy out when things get hairy. I'm probably inside for a few more days and then maybe next week I'll be brave enough to ride in if I have a bike back. The car crash bike is going to be rebuilt starting tomorrow so that will take a bit. The race crash bike is just waiting on new bars and I should have that soon (expected it today). Fortunately I had the single-speed for last night... further proof that you can't have too many bikes.

So totally switching gears... how does a 6 year old lose his sneakers... in the house? He wore them Sunday to dinner, got home, and did something with them. He wouldn't have needed them yesterday or today for school and then they were gone when I went looking for his t-ball stuff tonight. All I can come up with is that they're in the "baby's" room (he's sleeping so I can't exactly flip the light on) or the baby wandered off with them somewhere. We have this little 8x10 mud room that we always go in and out through so there's no reason they wouldn't be there... oh except for they aren't. Anywho... just realized most people don't care about my son's shoes, but then again Kerry found it worthwhile to remind us of Dylan McKay or whatever his name was so I can ramble about shoes I guess... ah the beauty of blog land... ramble at will and people can ignore as needed.

Time for dinner for me and the wife... yes it's almost 9 p.m. Such is life...


gewilli said...

the quest for missing shoes seems never ending with kids this age no?

trackrich said...

For us it seems to be hats and coats, but you never know what they're going to lose or when. I had him all scared that I was going to make him buy hiw own new shoes if we can't find them :)