Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good, Bad, or Ugly?

So the f'd up leg thing... well it's pretty f'd up. I've reached a point that during any given day I flop between wondering if there's permanent damage to thinking maybe I can get out for a ride in the next few days. I can tell for certain that there will be no running for quite some time which has it's own long-term issues, but one thing at a time. A lot of the swelling is gone, but it still varies a bit by time of day and what I've been doing. The bruising will probably take another week or two to fade since it was caused by bleeding from whatever ruptured and was really severe and widespread. It currently feels like you'd expect a really severe groin pull to feel, but it also extends further than that. If I've been either sitting or standing for too long and I switch to the other, I get horrible aching pains that run down the whole inner part of my leg down to my knee. It fades but takes a few minutes sometimes. If I've been sitting too long, I'm really really stiff when I stand up and limp pretty bad for a few minutes. If I walk for long enough the whole thing really loosens up pretty well, but I still have a slight hitch in my step where I can't really reach too far forward with the good leg because it stretches the bad side too much. I did walk up the 4 flights of stairs at work the last 2 mornings and that really didn't make it better or worse. The stairs part definitely did not hurt in and of itself so maybe I'm getting close to trainer rides where there's no risk of falling or sudden dismounts. Follow up appointment on Monday and I'm going to try and keep being good till then. I am going to try and swing the sticks a few times over the next few days and see if a quick round of 9 in the wee hours of Sunday morning is safe. Even if I play horribly, which is a good prediction, I'd feel better about getting out for 90 minutes or so Sunday a.m. and doing something semi-active.

Oatmeal is gone... time to work.

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