Friday, May 11, 2007

An argument for exercise

So I've convinced myself that my rapid healing over the past several days is a result of being in shape in the first place. I figure if you have your shit together to start with, all the wound fighters can work their magic on the busted up stuff without having to worry about anything else. It certainly helps that my lack of training (a big number of hours out of my calendar) has given me more time to sleep. Sleep=good especially for rebuilding. So get out there and get your shit together kids... you'll be happy you did the next time you hurt yourself.

So check the sidebar... some updated linkage. Felt a little weird not only linking Solo but also nicknaming him since I don't know him, but a) the dude's got some good stuff to read, and b) you get the other side of the G vs. Solo bickering that way :) I stole G's reference as a nickname because I found it amusing. I'll buy him some coffee for the copyright violation. Need to do some profile updates to put some more stuff about me out there... I'll get to it at some point.

It looks like the sky is about to explode outside so that'll put a damper on a nice walk after lunch. Guess I'll put it off till later if things let up.

Working Sterling as a driver tomorrow so that'll be fun. May be less fun if I pull trail car for the pro race since it'll be 3.5 hours of watching a bunch of dude's asses. Oh well... can't always be the one benefitting from the volunteers. If you're not signed up for Sterling, show up and register. Great race. Some of the big name domestic dopers, uh, racers have even ridden and won there so that can be your link to near fame for the weekend.


Water-hound said...

Dude, you've put me in a group of people that are way out of my league.
I mean Litka is actually funny, Gewilli writes a book every day, Solo has been racing longer than I've been alive, and you've got cool road rash to write about.
On the bright side- no one will read my site after one visit!
Hope you're healing up okay.

trackrich said...

Ah, don't sell yourself short. If nothing else we all get to keep tabs on when you're going to be back on your bike kicking butt. You've still got one more win than I do so I need to keep an eye on you :)