Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ok, now what do I do?

Last night was my final exam for the spring semester. I procrastinated like never before and went into yesterday horribly unprepared so I bagged out at 1 and went to hide on campus for a few hours to cram. This was a rare case where I think I retained some knowledge from my cramming because I had just lacked the hours to increase my understanding and it wasn't that I was learning it for the first time. It worked out well because a girl from class came in about 90 minutes before the start to study and she helped me out with some stuff that I just wasn't getting. Turns out that was a major part of the exam so it paid off huge. Too bad the stuff I understood that I was helping her out with wasn't on there anywhere. It was one of these exams where I either got 100 or a 0. The mid-term took me 2 hours and 10 minutes and I was like the third one done. This one took me an hour 20 and that was with doing a recheck. I was definitely that guy who finishes when other people are only half way through and the panic sets in with them as I pick up my stuff and go.

So now that that class is done, I've got over a month with no school commitments, possibly a month of no serious training if any at all, and work is still sort of slow. Hmmmm... what to do. I told my wife that our house is going to be gorgeous by the time I'm allowed back on the bike if it goes a while. There's no way I'm going to sit and do nothing so maybe I can catch up on everything I've been putting off. Not my first choice, but an acceptable short-term fill in since I wish I had more time to do mini-projects anyways. I think I'm also going to try and get some golf in since my neighbor is a golf junkie and I've got a couple tournaments this summer. I can probably walk 9, but if we go a full round I'll have to take a cart for now.

So advice to bike racers... keep your road rash covered and moist and it heals amazingly fast. I've got spots that I was sure were going to be weeks in healing and they're almost gone. I've got a spot on my leg that wasn't bad so I never covered it and it's probably going to take the longest. I found one really good article here. This one helped a lot.

My torn whateveritis in my leg is still pretty f'd up, but more about that later.

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