Monday, May 14, 2007

A day of chasing

OK, so my job was to chase the pack, but that's besides the point. Saturday's course vehicle experience was kinda fun and the 3 hours went by much quicker than expected. If you're a NASCAR fan in the regards of itching to see the next guy wreck at 200mph, then it wasn't a very exciting race... not so much as a flat tire. Otherwise it was moderately interesting. For me, the good part was 3 hours of ridealong with the USCF official and getting to see what goes on behind the scenes and find out what really drives them nuts and what they'll write your number down for. Note to racers: if you're wandering over or around the yellow line and either the moto drives up next to you and lays on the horn or the follow car lays on the horn, move the f over and stay there. It doesn't mean sneak to the right of the line for a second and then jump back out to move up in the field. If the roads had been wider and we could have gotten the truck up next to the field, the official was ready to just start pulling the repeat offenders. It's also funny to hear the radio chatter that happens during a somewhat uneventful race. We were trying to come up with a plan to get a 25mph handoff of some chocolate cones or iced-coffees, but we never pulled it together.

In other news, I'm one step closer to being back. I got clearance today to resume biking activity that doesn't hurt. First trial will be tonight on the trainer. I've only got one gear since the SS is the only non-wrecked, non-mountain bike at my disposal so hopefully that keeps me in check. I looked at the calendar and if I'm lucky I can still make Housatonic which was hopefully going to be a big one for me. We'll see how the next few weeks pan out.

Hopefully everyone was good to all forms of moms yesterday. The fam congregated at my sister's house in the morning and then last night I tried to keep my wife from doing very much at all. We took her to dinner and then I pulled 3 baths, 3 sets of teeth, and 3 rounds of get into bed rodeo. Fortunately all three were beat and very willingly crashed into the pillow. Mmmmm, sleep...

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