Monday, April 23, 2007

Too early to be nervous?

Ok, Sturbridge isn't till Saturday and I'm already nervous. I think the last time I was this anxious this far ahead of an event I ran 7hrs 31min for 50 miles... good sign... we'll see. Fitness test yesterday morning went pretty well. 40 miles, 1hour 58min. I never really pushed it at all. Not a shred of flat road on the loop. I told my wife I'm cautiously optimistic. Who knows, I could be OTB 5 miles in. Too many days away to worry about it so I should just calm down. Ok, enough rambling on that.

So I'm not sure if this one gets filed under PSA, TMI, PITA, or FUBAR, but it's kinda funny nonetheless. Let's start by saying that when your saddle sits 90.5cm above the bottom bracket, shaving is a bit more time consuming than for most. Because I'm both busy and sorta lazy with some things, I decided to take the advice of a friend and try that hair remover creme stuff. To cut to the chase, I think I'm going to stick to a razor. For starters, they can flavor that stuff with all the melon/lavendar/perfume that they want, it freaking stinks. It reminds me of when I was little and was stuck hanging around while my mom got her hair permed. Secondly, maybe it's just my skin, but it stung like a mofo. Lastly, I still had spots I have to shave so it was only partially worthwhile.

Dropped the bike off Friday because the rear shifting had just gone sloppy on me. Got the call today that while they were working on it they found that my carbon seatpost had a crack in it... dammit. I've got the steel frame waiting in the wings for next season so I decided to go with a trick Thompson aluminum post instead of another carbon. Cheapest carbon worth buying was still $30 more. Who knows... the bike may ride like crap now, but let's see. 4 days to try it out and get used to it.

Back to 24 (the one show I actually sit and watch)

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