Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday blowoff

The combination of one of the first legitimately nice days in a long time and school vacation has made this place just a comedy of absence today. I think the first 3 people I looked for on an important issue were all out for the day so then I just gave up. Oh well, maybe that means I won't get yelled at today.

Unfortunately the warmth did take it's sweet old time settling in today. I had all my clothes for the ride laid out last night and then after opening the door to let the dog out I grabbed an extra layer. It was 28 at the house this morning and it felt at least that cold until I got the blood flowing. Going to be a weird ride home... I came in with winter booties, 2 pairs of gloves, leg warmers, and a winter hat and I'll probably ride home in shorts and short sleeves. Another bonus is that unless it shifts, I've got sort of a cross-tail wind which should be a nice break from the dead on headwind I had last week.

No race plans this weekend despite the opportunities. The motorcycle will officially change ownership tomorrow so I have to wrap that up and then Sunday we've got some plans. On top of it, I've got 3 races in 4 weeks starting with Sturbridge so I'm trying to not burn all my points at once. Should be able to get some miles in in any case so hopefully I get to enjoy the sun.

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but the garage got a little more full this week... through a long chain of events, I picked up a sweet Guerciotti steel racing frame for cheap. It will replace the current race rig for next season so in the meantime I get to just drool on it and scope out a few parts on ebay. I had considered just selling the current bike as a whole bike and then getting all new for this one, but I don't think I can make enough to offset the cost of a new gruppo, etc. Might have to just transfer as much as possible and then sell off what's left for cheap. We'll see how many pennies I can save and then decide. Besides, I've got a cross bike to build this summer so I get to play with new parts there :)

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