Sunday, April 08, 2007

Anyone want a dog?

Ok, so I have one of the most disobedient dogs on the planet. I'll wholeheartedly admit that I'm a terrible doggy parent, but before all the dog people start on me, she's very well cared for, has more than she deserves for comfort, and I will admit that she misbehaves because I never trained her. In any case... years ago we fenced in the back yard so she could get some exercise and we could feel better about not walking her several times a day which she could probably use but we don't have time for. Before too long, she learned how to jump the fence. Now she's a little 20lb dog and it's a 42" fence so it's some decent determination for her to get out. My wife threw in the towel like 2 years ago and now will not let her out without a leash on, period. I have hung in there and I'll let her run around the back yard free, but I stand there and watch her the whole time. Well tonight I let her out when we get home and then I stop watching her for a second. She went around the one corner of the house where I can't see her, but figured she was doing her business. After a minute or so of her not appearing, I look around the corner and find that someone had left the gate open. What I had not mentioned yet was that my neighbors have about 15 grandchildren who are the most poorly behaved, poorly supervised (you think there's a connection) children on the planet. I know for a fact that they are constantly in our yard and this is not the first time they've left the gate open. To cut to the chase, the dog ran free for 3 hours before I finally was able to tackle her (we're talking full sprawl NFL open field tackle) when she came over to say hi to a dog that was being walked by her owner. She, as always, had rolled in some other dogs business so of course she had to go straight in the tub and I am not yet sure if I killed the smell. All these years I've said that I wouldn't get rid of her because I cared about her just enough that I didn't want her to end up with people who were mean to her. It's nights like this that make me figure she's tough and she'll do fine...

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