Monday, April 02, 2007

Season Opener

Lot's to talk about today so this may get broken into multiple posts...

Kicked the season off yesterday with the Tufts Criterium which is a USCF race thrown in with the Beanpot collegiate weekend. Sick course... 1k loop, 6 90 degree corners, one is downhill at 25+ mph, short steep section into the start/finish road. Last year I did this race and it was my first real (non-Wells) crit ever. I got lapped twice and pulled. Field was way smaller this year, I think partially because of Marblehead. I got a spot right on the line which was great and then blew it by missing a pedal and not getting out quick. Proved to be fatal because a crash on turn 2 (the fast downhill) about 8 guys ahead of me on lap one split the field and that was that. Fortunately, we were able to get some groups together and eventually the race came down to 2 groups. Leaders were probably a minute up and then there was my group. I stupidly took the lead at the bell and got hung out there. Tried to make it happen the last time up the hill, but it didn't work and I got 7th in the group. Just finishing was major progress since it was a 3/4 race so I was pleased overall, but proved to myself how critical the start is in a tough crit. There were lots of good things that happened during the race though... felt real smooth tearing through corners, rode well in a groups, had a couple times that I had to chase a guy that I really needed to be behind and I did. All in all a good kickoff to the season. I think the key was shaving off the winter fur yesterday morning :)

Hmmm, other biking news... the MRC crew showed some force in the b's and c's at Wells yesterday and took 2 seconds. Lots of guys got a chance to try lots of stuff which is the whole point of that race so they were all happy. Also a guy I know won the masters at Marblehead and looks to have outsprinted Johnny Bold to do it... I'm officially impressed. I know he's pumped about it so kudos to him.

Ok... back to work... funny children stories later.


timsamsmom said...

Season opener????

I thought this would be about baseball... ;)

Water-hound said...

So I was watching the latest todcast where he recaps the April 1st races at Wells and Tufts and suddenly there is freakishly large man in blue leading the pack on the bell lap!
check out the video!