Friday, April 06, 2007


Random collection of thoughts from this week...

Things that are pissing me off:
1) People who cross sidewalks without looking. I almost took out a Harvard and an MIT student this week because they strolled across a busy sidewalk with their head up their ass and didn't check first. So much for those being the smart schools.
2) People who walk 4 wide across sidewalks that are regularly used by runners and bikers. C'mon people, let's share.
3) People who make decisions without considering the consequences. Also known as people who don't know what the hell they're talking about when they sign off on something.

Things that frustrate me:
Being outside the mass market average. Can't just go anywhere and buy pants. Can't go anywhere at all and buy a bike. Get this band of numbness about 4 inches above my ankle where the tights don't go down far enough and the shoe covers don't come up high enough. I understand how business works so I get it, but I still get screwed.

Things that made me jealous this week:
Pseudo-pro or not, KL got hooked up. Good for her... sort of makes me want to train harder.

Got a laugh out of:
This week's Todcast... 3 appearances from the Tufts crit footage for me including video evidence of me giving away 11th place. Oh, and the Chaz Michael Michaels comment was freaking hilarious.

Back to work...

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