Friday, April 27, 2007

My "Holy crap" moment

So normally I don't get too hung up on what could have happened. I, like most parents, of course have visions of the horrible things that could happen if you're not careful ( You'll shoot your eye out), but once something is over and done I don't waste much energy on what could have happened because it didn't. Yesterday was a little bit of an exception. I was replaying in my head the impact with the car. For anyone who's ever been in any kind of accident and wasn't very seriously hurt, this stuff usually plays back in crystal clear HD for as long as you want it to. What occurred to me is how little the guy missed my leg by. The impact was basically his driver's front corner right on the rear quick release. Next time you're on your bike, put your left leg in any position you want and look at how close your foot/ankle/leg is to where the guy hit me. That sunk in a little yesterday and a sense of 'Holy Shit!' set in for a few. Oh well, like I said, it didn't happen so no sense worrying.

Damage estimate is in... this guy is probably going to fall over when he finds out the price of bike parts. Oh well... maybe it'll teach him to pay attention. Then again, I still won't assume he sees me...

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