Thursday, January 25, 2007


So this seems to be turning into a once weekly update... not entirely by choice, but it is in any case. It's about that time...

Hmmm, anything good happen in the past week... other than me starting to stress about being behind on life again, not a whole lot. Got some riding in last weekend despite the frigid cold. Took a spill on some ice on Sunday and now I have one of the uglier bruises I've ever had on my hip. Sadly I'm still in the falling-down-alot phase of mountain biking and it's because I suck and not because I'm being agressive. Hopefully I'll get over that hump soon and be able to limit myself to crashing because I did something totally insane and I deserved it. Classes have started up again so that's a chunk of my life I have to fit in. The class seems like it could be worse, but it's still class time and some time outside. I'll get through this eventually and hopefully it's worth it. Finally decided to blow off some other things on my list this week and start rebuilding the commuter bike. So far I've only replaced the crankset and bottom bracket and identified a bunch of parts I need to find or buy. I sort of stole some stuff off this bike to get the cross bike going so now I can't steal it back. Thank goodness for ebay. It's almost getting to the time of year where I should get semi-serious about training. After racing cross, January can be a blowoff, but February is short and is awful close to March and April when the season really starts. I believe Tufts is April 1 this year so that's my current target for minimal suckage.

Ok, my sims have finally finished. Let's hope I got it right this time so I didn't just throw away another 10+ minutes waiting for useless results.

Oh, go Bears! I never thought I'd say that, but Peyton Manning just pisses me off.

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