Friday, January 26, 2007

Two for two

Wow, 2 days, 2 posts... some sort of record. I've been doing a bunch of simulation work the last couple days and their of a duration that you have to do something to entertain yourself while it runs, but it's not really long enough to get into anything else very in depth. So I burn more time than I should on the web and here I am.

Got the tattoo bug again recently and now it's in full force thanks to kjellquist's new ink. I think I know what I want so I just have to figure out which studio, when, and where on my body. Comically enough, my wife would kill me if I went and got it without her going and getting one too so we have to plan that. We spent our 5th wedding anniversary in a tattoo parlor which is highly amusing to people who wouldn't expect it from us. I'm up to 3 and I say I'm shutting myself off after 4. The thing is that I think it's kinda cool to tell your story through some body art. I won't be the guy that gets my entire back done, but I still like them.

Not a lot else going on. Still collecting bike parts for the commuter including a big score on a D/A derailleur on ebay last night so I need to stay on that. Warmer times will be here soon enough. then again, everything is warm compared to today.

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