Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Long overdue update...

Well folks, updates have been sparse lately and this past weekend was worthy of several so let's see if I can get it all down. Now is a good time since I tweaked something in my back this evening and I am pretty debilitated right now, but typing doesn't hurt.

Let's roll back to Friday... I woke up Friday morning and had one of those "should I just roll back over and call in sick later" moments. My cold had kicked into high gear and I was miserable. Problem is that I have to make a judgement call at about 5 a.m. on whether I'll feel better enough after the cold drugs to make it through. I decided yes which turned out to be wrong. To keep this boring story of my misery short, I made it until about 11:30 and came home to lay on the couch and watch Rocky III (sadly I enjoyed it a little). That and lots of sleep that night had me feeling much better Saturday.

Saturday a.m. was chaos because the boys had karate, then swimming right after. With the ridiculously nice weather, everyone in the club was riding so I had set a soft goal of meeting the local group at noon and I would ride over to meet them since it's maybe 5 miles away. Well, we pulled in the driveway at 11:43 from swimming and I did the super quick change, prayed that everything on the road bike was healthy, and sprinted out of the driveway. I ended up averaging just under 23 mph with a minor tailwind getting there but I made it just in time. After that it was a very leisurely, but long, stroll through the burbs and everyone just enjoyed the global warming fest. I was totally spent by the time I completed the ride and the ride home and we had done 47.5 which was the highest in many months for one sitting. Rest of the day was uneventful except for the Dallas game debacle. I actually hate the Cowboys so it was good fun for me :)

Sunday a.m. I had a planned MTB ride with some of the guys in Hopkinton. We headed out and I knew quickly I was in trouble. The cold had made a resurgence, I was still spent from Saturday's miles, and the guys I was with would be out of sight on the trail before I could even clip into my pedals. I was outside getting excercise, but that was the extent of the fun I was having. Then I capped it off... We're literally <5min from the end of the ride and we head down a nice smooth hill, out of the woods onto a big grassy area. I could see at the bottom there was a dip and then what looked like a little gulley and then just flat grass. I never touched the brakes and found at the bottom that it was a pretty big dip and the bump actually dropped slightly on the other side before the shelf. I got myself airborne and had my weight going forward so I just kept rotating and watched the ground approach. Front wheel hit hard and then my face/head/shoulder followed. Behind me I just heard "Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!" Total casualties were a cracked helmet, cut over the eyebrow and the side of my head from my glasses, an ugly thing on my side from landing on my CO2 pump, and a big ugly on my shoulder. The bruises are starting to heal and I rode away, but I'm still getting over the whole experience. Next time out is going to be a big sissy ride :)

Since that not a whole lot has happened. Middle one was sick today so I had to bail early and I'll have to make that up tomorrow or something. He seems fine now, but he's been trying for a month to kick whatever he has. Further proof that we have 3... we let him go a month before we got him checked out. Oldest would have been admitted to a private hospital 3 weeks ago :)

Ok, I'm going to see if I can do anything other than type without being in pain. Congrats if you actually made it through reading this.

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The Bicoastal Boys: said...

Dude you have GOT to post photogs of the injuries!