Friday, January 19, 2007

Odd weather and messed up news

So we got our first "snow" of the year last night, but it cleared up so nicely that I went out running at lunch. Barely a slush pile to be seen and bright sun for most of it. The ironic thing is that after all our nice weather and such a nice day today, this is the first day I've seen ice on the Chalz Rivah this year. I guess the 36 hours of real cold combined with the wind is doing it. Pretty cool sounds with the water moving under the layer of ice due to the wind out there. Even though I suck at it compared to days past, running makes me happy.

Breaking news out of the area this morning is that some 16 year old kid stabbed a 15 year old kid to death at a suburban school in a town where nothing bad is supposed to happen. Bad things happen everywhere sadly and now some family is dealing with unimaginable tragedy. Having to go through something like this is one of my biggest fears... how do you even begin to deal?

Ok, enough depressing news... everyone have a safe and fun weekend.

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