Sunday, November 12, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend

Holy smokes things have been nuts since Friday. I finally scored a cross bike which I've been searching for for a bit now off of ebay on Friday and it should be arriving tomorrow. Then Friday night I was checking over my old Lemond and found out that when the guy ran me over in Sunday's race, he bent one of the seat stays and the rear triangle was all out of whack so that frame is toast. Saturday I had to actually do some real work for a change to help out Dad and then when I got home I found out that the guy who was supposed to be buying the motorcycle was bailing because his wife started giving him crap. On the fun side of things I got to have a few beers and play some awful pool Saturday night and then today was my grandfather's 80th b-day party. As usual we've been running around non-stop.

Back to the trashed bike, I know have to make a decision... I had my mind made up that I'll be commuting by bike several days a week come spring (yes I know far off), but I had also decided that I wasn't buying any more bikes (after the cross bike) until I could afford custom since stock frames don't really fit. Now that the bike that would have been my commuter is gone, I have to decide to replace it for cheap or follow my no more stock frames rule. I guess I have a bit to decide so I'll probably worry about it after Xmas.

Enough rambling for now...

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Anonymous said...

You call that crazy....try living with your sister! -Mike