Friday, November 24, 2006

Water World

Well here's a way you don't want to be waken up in the middle of the night... Last night around 2:30 I woke up for a reason I couldn't quite place and as I was laying there semi-conscious, I heard this annoying high-pitched tone. I thought it was coming from outside so I almost ignored it, but then I decided to check it out. Well I found that it was the overflow alarm on our sump pump letting me know that I was in deep sh&t (or water as the case may be). After much fumbling around standing in a couple inches of water and playing in some really gross ground water that was creeping around the basement, I found that the silt that runs through the pump had clogged the backflow valve to the point that it wouldn't open any more. In the end, I spent over an hour getting the pump back together and cleaning up most of the mess. So instead of mountain biking and helping fix Gram's roof this morning, I get to clean up more water, make a Home Depot run to buy supplies, and upgrading the basement drainage system. So a word of advice, especially for Mikey and Tray... don't buy a house where someone got paid off to ignore the fact that the water table made it borderline swampland.

If things go ok I'll get out on the MTB later anyways and I have to pick up the now repaired cross bike for tomorrow's race. I'm not sure how the day could go a lot worse so here's hoping...

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