Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving is in 2 days... Let's all leave now!

I love this state... it's 2 days before Thanksgiving and the roads looked like they ordered an evacuation of everyone inside 128. You figure that after the last 5 freaking years people would have figure out that the "Let's leave on Tuesday to beat the Wednesday traffic" trick doesn't work. It just shifts the problem to one day earlier. If effectively took me 3 hours to get home by the time I left work, spent over an hour getting to Waltham to meet the wife and get the boys so she could go to class (late because she was in traffic), gave up and took the boys to McD's, then sat in traffic that was still lingering to get home in time to put the little guy to bed. Argh...

No other real news today. Fortunately what could have been a quiet and boring week at work has turned out to be not bad and is flying by. Meeting the old crew from my last job after work tomorrow for beers so I should be able to avoid the few idiots who didn't get in their cars tonight to leave for Grandma's. I guess the only downside of the week is that the cross bike won't be fixed and ready until Friday... I think I'll give it a careful check over before Sterling Saturday morning. I think we're mountain biking Friday anyways to burn off the stuffing so I get to enjoy the fat squishy tires. Speaking of the mountain bike, I'll probably post pictures of all the bikes once the cross bike is back... that is if anyone is reading and cares. Oh well, too bad if you don't care because I'll post them anyways :)

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