Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Really, I'm going to post something interesting

Having missed the chance to ride today, I'd somehow feel a little redeemed if I were able to bang out the obligatory end of year/new years post, but I don't think that's happening easier. My day went like this:

Alarm at 4:15 (and 4:25 and 4:35 and 4:45)
Get ready for work, make lunches for me and the boys
At work (40+ minutes away) by 6:15
Start the first of 9 performance review meetings at 6:30 a.m.
Conduct 8 of the 9 planned reviews by 3:45
Drive 1 hour to pick up 2 of 3 boys
Coach seven 6 to 8 year olds in basketball for an hour
Drive to next town with oldest for a baseball game
Watch U10 indoor baseball until 7:30
Drive home
Get kids ready for bed
Eat dinner at 9:15
Open beer at 9:16

I do this to myself... oh well, time for bed so I can do some more stupid stuff to myself tomorrow.


gewilli said...

wait - you coach Basketball? You claim to suck at it... as in "idonotplayhoops.whatever"

and you are coaching it?

well... i guess it is better than some bitter washed up 5'6" guy who harbored grudges against the kids he coached that were taller than him by more than 6"

trackrich said...

I got sucked into assistant coaching because the sight of one coach trying to control 10 second and third graders was unbearable. I got further sucked into running practice last night because the head coach had an obligation.

Never said I didn't know the game... just said I suck at it :) I think it's a coordination thing which can also be seen in last year's biking mishaps...