Thursday, January 08, 2009

Rare work post

Some may know I'm a manager (stop laughing, yes they put me in charge intentionally). A little while back they expanded my group to become quite sizeable (at least enough for my liking). I have 18 full-time staff. I think it's like 23 total... I should probably know that... but I digress. We just finished our yearly review process. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was left with a grand total of 2 work days to conduct a performance review and discuss goals with 18 people. At the end of it all one person had told me I clearly put a lot of thought into it and several people had thanked me. I think I may have even done some of that coaching stuff I think I'm supposed to do in there. Yay me. And nobody seemed overly traumatized... then again if you hear of a workplace shooting in Cambridge you may know why.

And the amazing thing was that I was absolutely spent after holding 18 meetings in 2 days. Who'd have known sitting in my chair talking with people could be that taxing.

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