Monday, January 19, 2009

The Big Man is Goofy

Nothing like a nice day off to catch a little winter fun with the youngins. The daycare was open so with the schools closed the big boys were able to hit Wa-wa-wa-Wachusett for a little snowboarding fun today. A few years back me and my brother-in-laws went and took a lesson and it was a trainwreck. We still debate whether the one of them had a concussion, the other one gave up and was just sitting on his board and sledding, and I was sore for many days after. After reading up a little before this trip (everything on the internet is true right?) I decided to try something different and switch my stance from the last time I went. Well apparently riding goofy was the secret because I genuinely felt like I got it this time (note I did not even imply that I was good). Couple that with the fact that 6 and 8 year olds do not yet know fear so they had no problem bombing down the hill and I think we'll all be going back. The younger one did give us a scare when he wiped out some lady coming into the bottom of the hill too fast and panicking thus forgetting how to stop quickly. Everyone was ok and she was probably nicer about it than I would have been. The oldest is convinced he's Shaun White now because he sort of half hopped his board about a half inch off the ground on one run so he can't wait to go back and throw some more steezy tricks (see, even old men can learn all the lingo the yutes are using these days).

Oh, and the snow this weekend really f'd up my long ride. I am already starting to hate my trainer and it's looking like I've got a while to go on that bad boy...

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