Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poor man's year in review

My time bank is on overdraft these days so I'll count that as being poor. I'm hoping at least a few caught the irony of calling myself poor man... there I go with the digressions again...

When all was said and done, I got the competitive juices flowing 30 times last year. Yup... 30. Surprised me too. I think this was the breakdown:

17 Cross (including last Jan's Beer Cross)
2 Road
2 Crit
2 Wells (might have been 3)
1 Circuit Race
1 Solo 6-Hour MTB
1 24 Hour Team MTB
2 Running (1 track, 1 cross country)

How's that for variety? Definitely an off-road bias there and that is likely to continue this coming year although we'll see. Due to that time bank thing (already been interrupted once while writing this), I haven't looked up my goals for last year, but as I've mentioned, I think I hit most/all of them. Progress throughout the season was noticeable. Sure I would have liked more, but I surprised the hell out of myself a couple times so that was good. I have been tossing around some goals for this year, but having a hard time nailing them down. If it snows again this weekend and I get stuck on the trainer for multiple hours again it'll give me time to think about it. One thing I know for certain is that my season will start late because I have to finish up school... 2 classes to go. 5 hours every Wednesday evening for 16 weeks and then they let me out. Have I mentioned it can't come soon enough?

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