Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well that was fun

Got out early today to hit a 4 p.m. appt which took about 15 minutes. Got home and dressed as quickly as possible and it was out the door, two wheel style. It was sunny, bordering on comfortable, and a lot of roads were dry... it was the first outdoor day of the year for the road bike. With all due respect to my beloved cross bike, that thing is so effin fast! I literally have not done an outdoor ride on the road bike since probably August or September. Even so far this later winter it's been 42x12/26 for everything and on a pretty heavy bike. Contrast that to something probably 5 pounds lighter with 53x12/25 with shiny new 180 cranks. I haven't turned a 53xanything except on the trainer in a long time... I didn't put it away today. I'm still computer-less so I just know it felt fast... real damn fast. Maybe it was just relative to the cross bike, but I have a general sense of what gear gives you what and it was pretty damn fast. Fast is good... and good is what we're after. In my little world of biking, today was good.

And now let more snow begin... dammit... will it just be spring already...

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