Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blatant Advertising

My dear children (2 at least so far) attend St. Michael's School in Hudson which is trying to do what every other small private/catholic school does... raise money to keep the lights on. Now if you're reading this there's a good chance that you are either a) family or close friend, or b) a bike racer. If it's a, then guilt can be very powerful. If it's b, then you either have well above average discretionary income or are a risk taker (or both). So what's this latest fundraiser you ask? It's one of those good old high price, high odds raffles. $100 a ticket, max of 2500 tickets. First prize is $50k. Second prize is a car or $10k. Prizes down to 20th. C'mon, think of how many 7 pound bikes you can buy with $50k (ok, maybe it's only 2). And how many races do you go to where you get paid for 20th? Besides, it's for the children. Pony up folks... otherwise when I win I'm not sharing :)


Dmullen said...

Get Brad. He'll buy one, he needs the car.

trackrich said...

Brad can split a ticket with me... when we win I'll let him rent the car from me :)

badbrad said...

oh so funny.