Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm training... sort of

Unfortunately I'm only sort of training and I'm more than sort of feeling it. My last several days:

Thursday: Lifted
Friday: Nada unless you count piggybacking a 55 pound kid from the Garden to the Gov't Center garage
Saturday: 90 minutes on the trainer with some 2 or 3 minute interval-type things
Sunday: 2 hours, primarily saddle time, but a couple of short spirited bursts
Monday: Ran 30 minutes
Today: Spin bike - warmup, 6 sets of 2 minute standing climb w/really high resistance, sprint the last 5-7 seconds, 1 minute seated with resistance lowered.

Sunday felt great... probably the best I have outdoors this calendar year. Tomorrow probably has to be an off day due to class. Thursday I'll lift again, Friday looks like it has strong potential to kick off the bike commuting season. I'm signed up for Palmer and there's a more than slight chance I'll do Wells or something prior to that. I suppose I should have noticed that Palmer is 60 frickin miles before I signed up so merrily, but oh well. Sturbridge last year was 49 and the first 48.75 felt great... we won't revisit the rest again.

More homework... why do I do this again?


Dmullen said...

Hey, if you want more training time just throw on the chamois for other daily activities. My motto is "chamois time is chamois time", no matter what you're doin'

trackrich said...

Yah, you can never have too much ass padding when you're lounging on the couch reading about the geographic clustering of complementary industries...

Dmullen said...

First off, that sounds incredibly interesting. Second off, what I meant to say was "chamois time is training time".