Saturday, March 22, 2008

I just want to race bikes

There are times I regret getting really into biking. My wife jokes that in running it's just shoes and that's simple... days like today she's right. I was going to go into a big effing tirade, but I've been making her suffer through that all afternoon. Suffice it to say that my road bike is still in pieces and is now in the trunk of my car instead of at the shop. The fork is there too. It has no crown race. I'll stop there or I will rant. Before I even got to this bit of fun I was on my ride this morning and I flatted... when running late... twice. I traveled what would have been the final several miles home in a car. Argh. And I can't even hate my bikes and go to the shop and buy a new one... Hey Landry's guy... what you got sitting around in a 67cm frame? Ok, now I'm ranting.

But the packy near home now has Dale's Pale Ale. So there is a silver lining... or silver lined can as it may be.


Dmullen said...

Mmmm, Dales. I rode by the brewery the other day and it smelled of delicious hops and malt. Then on the way back by the other side they were loading up palates and kegs of Dales into a truck, and I wanted to hijack the truck.

CCC said...

Rough day all around!