Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost days

I hate getting sick. And it's less because getting sick just really blows and more that I lose all or part of a day to do anything productive when I get sick. I rarely get sick. When I get sick enough to say I am, I'm totally down for the count. Today was one of those days. I didn't sleep well and didn't feel right when I woke up. The first couple hours I was up I kept feeling progressively worse. Finally I hit rock bottom and had to go back to bed at like 10 this morning. I think I took 3 different 2 hour "naps" today. I effectively did nothing. I'm 1) too busy, and 2) too type-A to do nothing for a whole day. Crap. I feel kinda better and in the morning I'm going to decide if it's better enough to go riding. There's lot of other stuff that didn't get done today either so I may have to draw straws on what I catch up on. For starters I'd like to feel well enough to eat something. I went today with one sip of coffee, half a plain bagel with butter, and 2 Ritz. Ah well... I'll start over tomorrow and hope for better.

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