Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oooh look, updated sidebar --->

Did some updating last night in the about me section. I may occassionally have more people than my sister and in-laws reading here so I figured I'd throw some nuggets out there. Also planning some linkage updates to give proper call outs to the skyscraping freaks like myself. If all those little bastards are going to draft off us in every running or biking race we enter, then we need proper recognition :)

BTW, go check out the latest todcast. Ok, so maybe it's only funny to those who have met G and CTodd or ride bikes, but I was freaking rolling...

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JSmith5780 said...

In the summary I think you need to add something about how you know what the weather is before the rest of us :) JK

Hey I read too, but not for the biking/running stuff. I like to get your take on incidents at home with the kids. The mom and dad views are always slightly different!