Thursday, September 06, 2007

Holy S, I Locked My Son in His Pants

Funny story of the day from yesterday's back to school adventure...

I talked to my wife after the boys got out and I asked how they did. She said fine, except the middle one lost his belt. Lost his belt? Yup, he left it on the sink when he washed his hands and forgot it there. Huh? So then I start thinking... that's right, the poor kid has never worn a belt in his life before yesterday. It didn't occur to me when I was helping him get dressed that at some point during the day, he'd have to pee and suddenly realize "Holy crap, I'm locked in my pants." Evidently, he figured it out, but took the whole thing off in the process. The whole thing was actually a good lesson for the kindergarten teacher and she said maybe she'll start covering how to operate a belt with the boys during the first day or two :) Who'd have thought this would be a hazard of school uniforms.

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