Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vaca from vaca

Just got back today from family vacation. Like always, I think I now need a vacation to recover. I actually shouldn't complain... Thursday afternoon through Tuesday morning up north and I got in 3 road rides and 2 mountain rides while there. One mountain ride was a GG recon ride so that should help in a couple weeks. 2 road rides were with one of the CCB super studs and I didn't die. Good solid training camp so now if I can get in one more race (2 if I'm lucky) before GG I'll be stylin. Full vaca review later... just need to relax now.

BTW, oldest got the start on the mound tonight in his first game. Recorded his first ever K which is huge... we'll just overlook the 3 runs he walked home... focus on the positives...

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