Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Summer class done... aw yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going into the final I was holding all aces. Even drawing a duece wouldn't have killed me so perhaps I put a touch less effort into my feverish writing than I could have. We shall see what the result is. But really, is there value in recommending a corporate level strategy for a US winery at a point in time 6 years ago? I had to make a conscious effort to not just go and find out what they went and did. Ah, whatever... learning is good even if it's just flexing that squishy thing in your head every now and then (sounds like a G comment).

3 classes to go... 2 more semesters. But for now 5 weeks off... let's ride kids.

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Scott Sweeney said...

Good for you! Amazing feeling when you can hang up the grad school cleats for good. Thanks for the ride this evenin'-good fun. Hope Bauer really does bring a keg, it'll taste good at noon on Sunday!