Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Someone had to compete with Solo for the mangled saddle picture. Unfortunately mine is from being fat and/or a hack and not from doing 20,000 miles or whatever was on his. As it turns out, the Specialized Alias is NOT a good mountain biking saddle for a 190 (ok fine, 195) pound semi-skilled mountain biker. No, the rails are not supposed to be shaped that way and No, the nose is not supposed to point down like that.

I also can't remember if I ever posted a picture of the killer Haro that the middle one got hooked up with for learning to ride. Yes, Dad likes to play with this too...

Countdown to GG, 10 days. Countdown to cross season, 25 days.


Dmullen said...

Dear Rich,
Please post picture of you riding the bmx bike.

gewilli said...



(hey - i'm as skinny as you now - 195)

Sandi said...


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