Monday, June 09, 2008

Recipe for success

1. Have a non-descript marginally ok spring of training and racing
2. Do 6800 feet of climbing in 5.5 hours of riding 8 days before race
2. Take endo over a not very big log on a not very big downhill day before race
3. Sit out in sun after endo and get sunburned
4. Sleep poorly for maybe 5 hours
5. Wake up at 5 for race feeling queasy
6. Make multiple pit stops on way to race due to queasiness
7. Win race convincingly.

How that worked I have no idea, but it did. The race story is actually kinda short in terms of back and forth action. I headed up the start hill second wheel, a group of 3 of us got to the first bridge together with everyone else gone, I moved to second a couple minutes later, passed up to first on next climb, juiced it going up the fire-road hill, hey wait, where'd everybody go?

I will openly admit that I mangled the course pretty badly at many times during the race. I was off and on though... rode some sections surprisingly clean and other sections I looked very much a beginner rider. Fortunately I can still run pretty well so that was put to good use on a couple sections. Hopefully I can start collecting some legitimate skills so I don't get destroyed in Sport. Now I have to pick a venue for the first test...


GCDavid said...

Well done my man! Oh, I need to return your leaf blower.

Colin R said...

if you are wondering about the upcoming chances you have to race sport class, the intel is thus-

putney is pretty hilly but not that technical. definitely some hard sections but overall a climber's course

mt snow is legendary in its difficulty, more climbing per lap (over 1000 ft) than pats peak (but probably only 2 laps), and super-rough descents. i would still call it a climber's course but it is definitely more technical than mt snow.


gewilli said...

oh and one win and you upgrade?

why not make sure this isn't a fluke?

you won't get called a sandbagger until you win a few more races...

trackrich said...

GCD - I'm going to make the rounds soon and pick up all the stuff I've loaned out :)

Colin - Putney is sounding tempting. I've heard horror stories on Mt. Snow.

G - #1, it wasn't so much the one win as it was winning the entire class (all ages) coupled with not dying at Pats Peak. I've been waiting for confirmation that I could a) not be DFL and b) not be dangerous to myself and others in Sport. I think I'm there. Besides, mountain biking in particular is a sport where riding with/against better riders is a tremendous benefit. Gets you to try stuff you wouldn't try otherwise.

CTodd said...

*get yer upgrade on*
*get yer upgrade on*