Sunday, June 08, 2008

And the cries of Sandbagger rang out from near and far

Short version for now until pictures and results are posted and then I can create the in-depth linktastic report. For now let's just jump to the end of the event (for me):

Guy behind me: ... like this guy in the 30's... I mean c'mon, he should be in Sport.
Me (in my head): Whatever buddy... you'll get your wish soon enough.

Stunning 7 minute victory today proving yet again that in lower category mountain biking, fitness CAN beat skill. Now where's that upgrade process so I can start getting my arse handed to me?


badbrad said...

just sign up for sport... there is no process for beginner to sport dude.


gewilli said...


you won?

no freaking way! That's awesome.

Colin R said...

login to usa cycling and apply for an upgrade. For beginner -> sport the criteria is "I wanna race sport." Or as brad mentioned, you can generally ride sport with a beginner license if you ask nicely.

trackrich said...

Filled it out last night. Great, now I'm only like 5 years and 100pounds worth of skill away from racing against Colin ;) Hmmm, now I have to pick a first race to get smoked in.

CCC said...