Monday, April 28, 2008

Palmer Report (or something)

If I had somehow managed to bring home the huge first W at Palmer yesterday you all would have gotten the gory blow-by-blow that would have dwarfed anything G would normally put up (ok, almost anything), but I'll spoil the ending and say I did not. Let's instead go with the Palmer edition of Good-Bad:

Bad: It started raining while I was out on my recon/warmup ride
Good: That was the end of the rain and the race weather was quite comfy (with long sleeves and knee warmers)

Good: I was moving forwards while most were moving backwards on the uphill sprint
Bad: I had a LONG way to go forwards because I was way far back coming around the last corner

Very bad: There's a lot of cat 4's out there who need some bandages and new wheels/bars/derailleurs today
Very good: I'm not one of them (for a change)

Almost Pro: We nailed back the break of the day with 800m to go
I feel cool: I feel like I definitely did my part to help bring it back
We still suck: Cat 4's apparently still can't sprint in a straight line (that much hasn't changed since last year)

Bad: There was a mini incident maybe 10 miles in due to general inattention and nonsense
Worse: There was a much bigger incident that took out maybe 6-10 guys (who can tell with that much flying carbon and aluminum) about 5 miles later.
Worser: There was carnage right in the middle of the road during the sprint
Worserer: To polish it off 2 or 3 more guys got together and went flying in the aftermath of the first mess
Awesome: The gods were smiling on me for a change and I was positioned away from said carnage

I get to try my luck again at Sterling for sure. Not sure if I'll get out again before then. Might try to sneak out west for some off-road fun on Sunday.


badbrad said...

I'll be sneeking out west.

gewilli said...

u saying i talk(write) excessive verbage?

Oh and congrats on keeping the rubber side down (for a change)

solobreak said...

Could you please sugar-coat the next report a little bit? How are we going to lure Reuter in if you keep telling these horror stories?

trackrich said...

Colin may lure me into the dirt(y) side before I help lure him into the roadie side...

Besides, you should know by now that I am apparently a magnet for road race horror stories...

Dmullen said...

What race are you doing at Sterling?

trackrich said...

Haven't reg'd... was planning on 4's. If you're going to whine and cry about being all alone maybe me and Brad can jump up to the 3/4 and save your butt...

Dmullen said...

First off, it would be "Brad and I". Secondly, Thanks, I'd appreciate it.

CCC said...

word. do it.