Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April... first?

I was all ready at lunch time today to join in the web-wide April foolery, but I couldn't go through with what I thought of. I was going to post that all my bikes were for sale. I was going to dig up the old Xray of my busted hand and concoct some story about getting doored on the way to work or something and how I was giving up and getting out of the game. Then it occurred to me that I still had to ride home and I didn't need that sort of bad karma. Karma thanked me and I was rewarded with a killah ride home despite the wind. Wasn't all that super fast (partially due to the wind), but I just felt like the whole time I was able to put down some consistent power. My legs never really quit or screamed at me so things were good. The youngins tell me good is what we're after so I'll take it. Oh, and road crud on a wet day blows. My bike didn't even want to shift by about half way home. Time to do some cleaning.

Oh, and I scored some Sox tix for Patriots Day today. They're only bleachers, but the boys are thrilled. I always take that day off for the marathon anyways so now we'll just hopefully catch the finish instead of the middle.


Trigirlpink said...

Ok, so Paul had a smile on his face instead of looking dejected and sad after riding home again with you this week. You must have went easy on him.

trackrich said...

Paul's becoming an expert drafter... he'll excel at road racing ;)

Kidding aside, he was clearly having a better day this week.